The breast tissue above my implant has opened causing an outward "pucker." It is very noticeable. How can this be repaired?

subglandular placement, 9 years ago, silicone recommended repair by my surgeon is suturing the tissue or grafting the tissue, along with replacement, should my surgeon be responsible for any of the cost?

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Please send pictures

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There are few options to fix the problem, but your pictures can help us to give you better answer. Your options include pocket revision, changing the implant position to below the muscle, fat grafting in combination of the pocket revision or fat grafting alone.

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Implant is puckering ? Any help?

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Great question, implants should be placed sub muscularly, especially if this happens, placing the implant below the muscle is a quick and easy solution to your issues and will give you better long term support, do not think your surgeons fault, good luck!

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The breast tissue above my implant has opened causing an outward "pucker."

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It is difficult to give you good advice without viewing photographs or in-person evaluation; based on your description however you may benefit from conversion of breast implant positioning from the sub glandular to sub muscular position. Sometimes, the use of acellular dermal matrix may also be helpful when it comes to providing more coverage (to treat breast implant rippling/palpability) between the breast implants and the overlying skin.

 Revisionary breast surgery financial policies will vary from one practice to another. Costs of revisionary surgery may range anesthesia/surgery center fees, to full/discounted/waived surgeon's fees.  Given that your surgery was done nine years ago, I would not expect your plastic surgeon to be "responsible for any of the costs" (although it is possible that a reduced surgeon's fee would be extended to you as a courtesy).

Please consider posting photographs with your next post for more specific advice. Best wishes.

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