Why do Tummy Tucks/lipo performed in Dominican Republic appear more sculpted than the same surgery performed in the US?

Are DR doctors able to take out more fat than doctors in the US? Are US doctors limited in the cc amount while DR doctors aren't?

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Hello Lety, I am  Certificated Plastic Surgeon from Dominican Republic and we also have federal regulations and laws to practice safe plastic surgery, thats why is very important to know your plastic surgeon and see the experience and the skills that he or she has and be very clear of the goals that we can reach during the procedure.

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Why do Tummy Tucks/lipo performed in Dominican Republic appear more sculpted than the same surgery performed in the US?

The appearance of any surgery procedure is related to the skill of the plastic surgeon and not the location. Some people get A's on exams and other make C's. It's that way throughout life. Find someone skilled and look at his photos, and this will give you the best idea of his results.

I do recommend the "No-drain tummy tuck," also called the Progressive Tension Suture technique. In my opinion, it is superior. Incidentally, this procedure originated in Dallas.

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Hello and thank you for your question.
I agree with the other MD here regarding surgery in the DR.  We all use the same techniques, but the training for surgeons in the US is quite rigorous and we are bound by state and federal regulations to practice medicine in a pretty standard way that is safe for patients. 
When looking at before and after pics from foreign countries, consider that the photos may be altered, or that the patient has had more than one procedure over time to reach that final result.  
If you are contemplating having surgery abroad, consider how your surgeon might handle complications, and what it might cost to take care of complications should they arise. 

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Liposuction at the time an abdominoplasty

Plastic surgeons in the DR do not possess any greater skill than those in any other country including the US.  If you feel comfortable having your plastic surgeon thousands of miles away then this may be an option for you.  Florida is the only state that I know of that places a limit on the amount the amount of fat that can be liposuctioned at the time of an abdominoplasty.  

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Why do Tummy Tucks/lipo performed in Dominican Republic appear more sculpted than the same surgery performed in the US?

hello Leti,

Thanks for your question.

i'm a Dominicana Plastic surgeon certified. 

i agree with the colleagues that answered before me, there are a lot of surgeons, techniques varies between all of us even between US surgeons. 

the limit of fat would be determine by your pre op exams., body weight, the result your looking for,etc..

but all of us plastic surgeons agree in a point, we don't want to put on risk your health. 

good luck!

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Dominican Republic tummy tuck results

Results vary from patient to patient and doctor to doctor no matter where they are located geographically. Every surgeon has his or her technique that produces results that appeal to some but don't appeal to others.  

Abdominal sculpting after liposuction and tummy tuck

In addition to what's been stated, I would add that some unscrupulous surgeons may actually "Photoshop" or in some way alter the images you are seeing.  I am quite confident that American surgeons possess at least equal knowledge and skill as any other country. 

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Thank you for your question.  While the techniques used abroad are essentially the same as used in the US, the Lipo-abdominoplasty has been more popular in Latin American countries in recent time. This procedure does deliver a more sculpted look in an appropriately chosen patient.  It is difficult to make generalizations though without looking at a peer-reviewed study.  If there was something else new and special that was being done abroad, you can bet that it would already be published in one of the Plastic Surgery Journals or being presented at our meetings.  Do more research before you jump to the conclusion that you have reached. Best wishes.

Why do Tummy Tucks/lipo performed in Dominican Republic appear more sculpted than the same surgery performed in the US?

Interestingly, I just answered another question on the same topic. There is no difference in techniques performed in the two countries and the US has more highly trained plastic surgeons than in the DR. I would caution you in reviewing before and after photos from foreign countries. Are they from actual patients and have they been altered? Has the patient really had only one procedure or multiple? How are you going to verify the answers to these questions from pictures taken in other countries?

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