What Factors Contribute to the Long-term Success of Dental Implants?

The factors that can influence the long-term success of your dental implants can extend beyond the boundaries of the mouth. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and controlling chronic health conditions will help to protect your real teeth and also your artificial teeth. Drug use, smoking, uncontrolled diabetes, and even cardiovascular disease can increase the likelihood of gum disease and the potential for tooth loss.

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Health of implants

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There are many factors that can influence the outcome of implants
1. General health - like anything when your health suffers it may have an impact on your mouth 2. Hygiene maintenance - critical you have a program set up with a dentist and you perform good care at home 3. Design of the teeth for stress distribution - This is in your dentists control4. Bite force - If you have a heavy bite this may impact the outcome, you should ask your dentist for a night guard to protect the teeth

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