If Covered Under Warranty, Why Not Replace Both? (photo)

I had implants replaced in 08 after a rupture.I was very please with the results.Last year at 42 i got pregnant unexpected.During pregnancy my breast didn't grow.After my daughter was born my right breast ruptured,my PS said i only replace 1.There is a great deal of difference in both breast,the new one is flat & disappears when i lay down.I told my PS i was unhappy & if i knew they wouldn't look alike i would have done both.PS wants me to wait.I won't let my husband to touch me or see me.

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Why Not Replace Both?

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If these photos are indeed six months after surgery, and if your breast size is stable after the pregnancy (?and nursing), I wouldn't expect any more change to occur with further waiting. 

I would add that even if the left implant had been replaced, I don't think the left  breast would look at all  like the right one. Chances are the left breast would look pretty much as it does now.


After a pregnancy and nursing, the breast will change, often not symmetrically.It is not always easy to tell if just replacing the leaking implant is enough. In this setting it looks as though it wasn't, and that something else needs to be done to make the breasts more even. 

That is probably a breast lift, and from the looks of the photos, a lift on both sides would be advisable. The breast volumes do look different, but that could be at least in part due to the difference in ptosis (sag) between the breasts. If the breast size seems even in a bra, then the implant size is OK. If the right side is smaller in a brassiere, a larger implant will be in order.

Thanks for the question and for the photos. Seek another opinion from another plastic surgeon if you are not getting an adequate response from your surgeon.

 Best wishes.

Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Replace one implant or both

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The advice of your plastic surgeon sounds safe and you should not be in a rush. If you are not at ease, consider getting more opinions, then be cautious.

If Covered Under Warranty, Why Not Replace Both? (photo)

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Issues, issues. First if using Allergan they ONLY replace the ruptured implant NOT both like Mentor and Sientra. If you desire additional lifting surgery than that can be done but there will be fees incurred. Best to seek second opinions in person. Good luck 

Ruptured implant, should I replace both

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All of the implant manufacturers have different warranty policies.  If the company only pays for one side then there would be a fee for replacing the other implant.  

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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