Had Radiesse in Mouth Area March 2012. Can I Go Back for More Now?

May Have Tried to Cover to Much Area with Radiesse (Lines Above and Below Mouth  Did This March 2012  Can I Go Back for More Now

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Radiesse and Need for More Filler

    More Radiesse can be used to supplement these areas, or another softer filler may be needed for more superficial injection and improvement.

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Different fillers have different longevity in different people

Although studies may suggest that a certain filler lasts, say a year on average, each person responds differently. Also repeated use of any filler will often build up a long lasting residual response which lasts after the filler is gone. So yes, it may well be time for more filler and the best one may be Radiesse, or perhaps another to enhance the results of the earlier treatment. Be sure you see a highly experienced expert doctor who specializes in facial aesthetic rejuvenation.

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How soon can you return for Radiesse?

Radiesse is a Calcium filler in a gel matrix.  While Calcium does last up to a year or so the gel matrix breaks down around 4 months; so it's not unusual to start seeing a loss of correction 4-5 months later.  You certainly can return for re-treatment.  You will build on what is left and eventually it will take less product to maintain your correction.

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Appropriate timing for a touchup with Radiesse

5-6 months is certainly long enough to have touch up for the Radiesse.  There shouldn't be any reason why you can't go back and have some more placed if you need it.  Ask you injector, sometimes there are "touch up" syringes available for a reduced price.

Michael Bowman, MD
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"YES" to more Radiesse

The goal with the use of all fillers is to achieve full correction to lines, wrinkles or folds.  It is not too uncommon to need more treatments at six months or earlier if the original area was under treated.  Under treatment is common when a syringe is used to treat too much area or "stretch" a syringe due to budget concerns.  A patient will have better results and will be more apt to achieve longevity of their fillers if they receive full correction.  Good Luck.

Cheryl A. Hull, MD
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Radiesse Touchup Injection

You can definitely have more Radiesse injected now, and it will likely enhance the original injection, whose effects can last up to a year or more before dissipating.

I have found that it is best to wait at least 6-8 weeks after the initial injection if I am going to add more Radiesse. Not only does this allow any swelling from the original injection to completely go away, but this is the time frame that it seems new collagen has been stimulated and thus I can see just how much more I should add to get the best result.

I would discourage the practice mentioned by one of the other responding physicians of "saving" the product left in a syringe for use at a later date. This is not recommended by the manufacturer, and sterility of the product cannot be guaranteed when it is stored after being opened. Usually there is some place that can use filler, even if different from the initial treatment area, so that the remainder in a syringe can be put to good use at that time rather than setting it aside for later. 

James Bartels, MD
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Radiesse touchup

Six months after injection, you could certainly have a touchup. You may not need as much product. Your plastic surgeon can either set aside the remainder of the syringe for use at a later date or offer you a smaller syringe, which the manufacturer offers precisely for this purpose.

Robert L. Kraft, MD, FACS
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Radiesse Injections

Without pictures, it is impossible to give you specific advice on how much to have injected.  With any patient it is a fine balance between putting enough filler to smooth the lines and avoiding too much filler to look "injected."  Your concern about spreading the syringe too far is common.  Most patients need anywhere between 2 to 4 syringes for a full effect.  However, since pricing is based per syringe, many patients come in and just want one syringe.  In these cases, they may not be able to have a full effect because the product is spread too thin between the multiple areas that they want treated.  However, is is also okay to start off conservatively and add more syringes later.  So, the quick answer to your question is, yes, it is okay to have more injections.  


Good luck.

David Shafer, MD
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Radiesse touch up at 6 months in common

If you had Radiesse 6 months ago, you can definitely go back for more now.  Radiesse can last up to 18 months in some studies, but the result slowly goes away during that time.  At 6 months you probably have lost some volume, and adding a little now can maintain your result in a natural way.  It is kind of like dying your hair before your roots fully return.  Also, I find that some patients will come in 1 month after treatment for touch ups if they did not get the full correction with the first session.  This does not mean the Radiesse went away too quick.  It probably means that some of the early improvement you saw was due to swelling and not Radiesse, so more product is needed to maintain that "swollen" look. Good luck. 

David Magilke, MD
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