Pressure and fullness in nose and ear 9 days after septoplasty. I'm getting pain and itchy nose and sneeze as well

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Pressure and fullness sensations shortly after septoplasty

Hi there, jenks12345! You are not yet too far out from the procedure, and you certainly still have swelling at this point. There are a number of potential sources of fullness, pain, itchiness, and sneezing with septoplasty. These are general symptoms of inflammation, and inflammation can be the result of the trauma of surgery, infection - from the common cold to a postoperative infection -, and nasal allergies. Without knowing more of your history, it's difficult to say what's going on.  As with most instances, it's going to be best for you to talk to your surgeon and have her/him directly evaluate you.  The surgeon should see you soon in order to minimize the chance of you having a significant complication. I hope this helps and that your procedure achieves results that truly enhance your quality of life! Best wishes to you.

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