Over Counter Retinols?

Do these work over time?

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Over-the-counter retinols

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Over-the-counter retinols have some effect on skin rejuvenation, however, prescription strength retinoid products are more powerful and more effective. 

New York Dermatologist

The stronger the greater the result...

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Over the counter Retinols are not as potent as prescription strength retinols.  This equates to less of a result.  There is not an additive result with these type of medications.  The strength you use is the result you get today and in a year.  You will see improvement in your skin with over the counter products, but you will see more of an improvement with prescription strength products.  The old adage..."what you put into it is what you get out of it".  Hope this helps.  Happy skin care!!

Hollie Hickman, MD
Jacksonville Plastic Surgeon

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