Coughing After Septorhinoplasty?

Hi. I had a septorhinoplasty 7 months ago. I've recently had a chest infection and a bad hacking cough. I get long coughing fits, and this still causes a pressure sensation in my nose. Could this move anything or could it affect the result ? Thanks.

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Coughing 7 Months after Septorhinoplasty

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    Coughing 7 months following septorhinoplasty should have no impact upon your final results.  The swelling may be temporarily increased but should resolve quickly.

Coughing 7 months after septorhinoplasty

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7 months after surgery, coughing will not interfere with your healing. You may still be swollen at this time from the surgery, but this will not be affected by coughing. Thank you, and I wish you the best of luck! 

Paul S. Nassif, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Coughing after septorhinoplasty

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After 7 months, having issues with coughing should not have any effect on your result. By now, your current status is as follows:

1) Your nasal bones have been completely healed if they were fractured during surgery, and you are not at risk of moving or dislodging anything.
2) You will still have some residual nasal swelling and additional healing to go, but nothing that can be affected by coughing.

Thank you and I hope this helps!

Cough after rhinoplasty

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It is unlikely this far out that your could harm anything from your rhinoplasty. It is possible if you raise your blood pressure from coughing that you could have a nose bleed but that would be unrelated to the surgery.

Scott Trimas, MD
Jacksonville Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Coughing after septoplasty

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things at 7 months (even 7 weeks) should be pretty well scared in.  but there is no doubt that the tissues are still recovering a little and may feel sore with violent coughing.

Adam Bryce Weinfeld, MD
Austin Plastic Surgeon
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Coughing will not hurt your nose seven months after rhinoplasty.

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By this time all the internal tissues of the nose and the septum are solidly healed and cannot be disrupted by coughing.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

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