Nipple Reduction For a 26 Year Old Male?

Hi is It a Costly Procedure to Reduce the Nipple Size and Remove What Making It Swollen and Puffy? I'm a 26yr Old Male.

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Size of Nipple Areolar Complex After Liposuction

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Gynecomastia is a term given to breast tissue on a man.  This tissue can be fat (pseudo gynecomastia) or gland (true gynecomastia) or both.  The surgery to remove the breast tissue, be it true or pseudo, is first liposuction of the chest and then direct gland excision if necessary.  The process of liposuction of the chest and, therefore the fat and some gland removal leads to a tightening of the chest and a shrinkage of all skin to include the areola.  Therefore, a reduction in nipple size and puffiness can very often be accomplished directly by liposuction of the chest.  I am not sure what you consider costly, but I am sure a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in your area can give you an exact amount that the surgery would cost.  It has been my experience that all my patients are very happy with this procedure.

Nipple reduction in a male

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It would be important to differentiate whether or not you have gynecomastia or just an enlarged nipple.    With gynecomastia it is not unusual to have an enlarged areola and nipple taking on a female appearance.  If you just have an enlarged and elongated nipple it can be reduced surgically.  There are many different procedures that I have used successfully to perform this reduction.  

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