What is the Cost,forsepto,turbinnate Reduction,andaspreader Graft Also Surgery Time?$$$

septoplasty,tubbinate,and spreader graft how much?$$$ also time involved?and are comlications increased with more time needed?

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Go see a doctor

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Don't ask for costs over the internet -- no one will tell you the truth. You need to be seen and evaluated. Remeber, you get what you pay for. The cheapest is often not the best.

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Rhinoplasty, septoplasty

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In many cases, the procedures that you are interested in should be covered by insurance. Although lately they have not been reimbursing very well.

Generally speaking, a functional nasal surgery that includes correction of nasal septal deviation, turbinate reduction, correction of any weakness of the cartilagenous framework with grafts, correct tip ptosis etc, can take upto 4hrs or more. There are times when rib cartilage maybe necessary if it is a revision case. In a primary case, the use of nasal septal cartilage and ear cartilage may be sufficient.

The comprehensive approach to correct any of the areas to improve one's nasal function is paramount to a successsful longterm outcome.

Complications may include bleeding, crusting, shape alteration of the nose, lack of improvement etc.

All necessary precautions should be taken to decrease the risk of any complications.


good luck

Septoplasty and valvular reconstruction are the most important steps in correcting a nasal airway

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Based on my outcome study in 600 of my patients over 16 years, septoplasty and correction of incompetence at the internal and/or external valves are the two most important steps in correcting any airway.  Turbinectomy is less important unless you have bad allergies.  In my last review of this data for my textbook, I was able to correct more than 95% of airways in these patients in one operation.  An experienced nasal surgeon should be able to do the same for you.

These procedure should all be covered by your health insurance to the limits of your policy, but usually predetermination of benefits is necessary.

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