Possible Infection?

I’m 5’3 and 140lbs, under the muscle 370cc on December 26th. After 5 days right 1 began dripping small amounts of fluid mixed with blood. The nurse saw me and told me to reduce movements. She said it may be an infection and if it didn’t stop it would require them to open me up again to clean the area. The amount of liquid decreased significantly during the day but increased at night . Turned from whiteish with blood to yellowish with blood. Any suggestions? I dont want to be opened up again.

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Drainge from augmented breast

You will need to see your plastic surgeon frequently until this is healed.  Watch for signs of infection including pain, redness, and fevers, and return to the office immediately.  Hopefully, everything will heal up soon.

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Possibly not An Infection

This sounds like a seroma. Seroma type fluid is blood tinged yellow.  Infection can have that appearance but is usually accompanied by pain, redness and swelling. Visit with you PS asap to make sure.

Dr. ES

Breast implant infection?

If you have a suspicion of a breast implant infection, then I suggest you contact your surgeon to be properly evaluated.

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Infection after Breast Implants

  Any concern after breast implants for infection should be treated in an urgent fashion by your plastic surgeon.

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Possible Infection?

This question should be asked of your surgeon, and you need to be seen and examined. If an infection is suspected, you need to be treated. Antibiotics are the first line of treatment, but if they fail, there may be no choice but to go back to surgery. 

Thanks for your question, all the best. 

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Infection or hematoma

Rach2013: Please insist on seeing your PS/surgeon as (s)/he is most qualified to assess what is wrong.  Where is the drainage coming from? the site where the implants were placed? Do you have any other symptoms such as fever, redness around the breasts? Swelling? While it is possible that you might have a wound infection or a stitch abscess, which can manifest with scant blood and clear yellow fluid, this is generally self-limited and will resolve with removal of the extruded suture or a course of antibiotics.  On the other hand, if you have a collection of blood under the chest muscle and around the implant, (hematoma), it may be trying to drain out of the weakest point, your incision.  Suerte!

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