Is artefill as effective as bellafill? Is still legal to used? Is it less expensive or is the same thing with different name?

Can you please tell me if artefill is effective as bellafill is still legal to used is it less expensive or is the same thing with different name thank you again.God bless

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Artefill versus Bellafill

Hi and thank you for sharing your question here! The base of Artefill and Bellafill is very similar, while according to the manufacturer, Bellafill is somewhat more refined. Artefill received some negative publicity and the manufacturer eventually decided to discontinue it and replaced it by Bellafill, at more or less similar price point. At my practice, I do many Bellafill injections and due to my high volume purchase, I receive preferred discounted pricing from the manufacturer which I pass to my patients so they can have the treatment at a more affordable price. Please just be advised that we should do allergy test for Bellafill at least 2 weeks before the injection. I hope it helps and good luck! 

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