Cost of veneers for poor people? (photo)

How would it ever be possible for a hard working mother like me to ever afford veneers? As a widow who inherited massive debts and with children to support, I work hard. My teeth are the only thing about me that I've always been conscious of and always hide my awful teeth. They're thin and skinny with a mild underbite on one side. If anyone knows of any way I could ever get the smile of my dreams; maybe advertising for a cosmetic dentist? then PLEASE let me know! This is probably a stupid quest

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Cost of veneers for poor people?

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This is certainly NOT a "stupid question" but rather illustrates how important a beautiful smile is to the emotional welfare of an individual.

I would suggest you seek a consultation from a dental school. Treatment would be done by a dental student under the direct supervision of a teaching doctor. Cost is generally considerably less because the work is done by a dental student. You have to be willing to spend considerably more time but if you're willing to trade time for money you might find what you're looking for.

Good luck!

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