How Much Do You Think It Would Cost to Get my Tip Skinnier?

I want the tip of my nose to be straighter and I want the skin around my bridge area to be less spread out and more refined/straighter. How much do you think this would cost? I'm in Coral Gables, FL if location has anything to do with prices. Thanks in advance!

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Rhinoplasty for tip and bridge.

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In general what you're asking for is a rhinoplasty with emphasis on the tip and bridge. The cost does vary geographically with a range of 4500 to 15000. Cost does not necessarily reflect the quality of work just different economic geographic areas.

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How Much Do You Think It Would Cost to Get my Tip Skinnier?

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 IMHO after performing Rhinoplasty, for over 20 years is that Rhinoplasty is done to achieve a naturally, attractive and refined nose.  From the photos, the nose appear to have a wide tip as well and mid nasal section making it more aesthetically appropriate to thin the entire nose, IMHO.  Thinning, the nasal tip alone may make the nose appear wider and shorter in apperance.

 Side or profile views as well as one form the base, of the nose, would be helpful for futher evaluation. An Open Rhinoplasty, IMO, has the ability to reduce and refine the nasl tip to the greatest extend due to the increased exposure and ability for direct intervention.  However, IMO, the open technique rotates the tip between 5-7 degrees and if your tip is rotated at the appropraite aesthetic angle of 105 to 115 degrees already, this would create an over-rotated, shortened nose.  In this instance, a closed Rhinoplasty and tip plasty would be recommended.

 Prices will vary among Rhinoplasty Surgeons with an average, IMO, of around $10,000 for the more experienced Rhinoplasty Surgeons regardless of their geographical location.  Pricing is typically determined by the level of experience and the difficulty of the specific Rhinoplasty case.  My advice is to find a Rhinoplasty Surgeon who you feel has the appropriate aesthetic judgement, experinece and skill first and then worry about the price. 

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Rhinoplasty costs

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What you want is a rhinoplasty to address the particular problems that bother you and determine what the cost would be. The way you should approach this is to be evaluated by one or more plastic surgeons in your area who could then provide you with the total costs.

The costs for a rhinoplasty vary from surgeon to surgeon as well as is dependent on what needs to be performed. Furthermore, there are regional differences in prices. This is why a definite cost can't be provided to you.

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Ethnic Rhinoplasty

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You have a beautiful face and your nose is balanced and proportioned based on the pictures you submitted.  Tip refinement and overall narrowing should be subtle so as not to create any facial disharmony.

Make sure you work with a board certified plastic surgeon who has experience with noses like yours.  Be sure to solicit pictures of his/her work so you can get an idea of the types of results that are reasonable to expect.

In Tampa costs for rhinoplasty are about $4500.00

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