Silicone Injections Cost

How is Silicone filler priced? By the unit? By the syringe?

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Silikon-1000 is priced per area.

Dear Belle,

In my West Orange, NJ office, Silikon-1000 is priced per area. Procedures are painless with topical anesthetic, and there is no downtime.

Several treatments are typical, and problems are not typical. The injector must be experienced with the proper technique, and use only Silikon-1000 or AdatoSil. You should look at lots of photos demonstrating favorable results. Also, have an in-depth discussion with your physician about the risks and benefits of Silikon-1000,so you can see if it's right for you. It's an "off-label" application of an FDA-approved device, and your results will be permanent.

Let me know if I could be of further assistance, and best regards.

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Risky!! See posts on line as to tremendous complications and despair!

Silicone injections in various parts of the body has been done quite frequently all over the country.  The difficulty with silicone injections begins with the quality of the silicone itself.  I have seen many cases where industrial grade silicone has been injected inside the human body.  This can be a tremendous disaster.  Problems can include infections, granulomas, cellulitis, and persistent skin infections, disfigurement and skin dimpling.  It is very easy to have silicone injected, but very difficult to have it removed.  The removal can frequently be very complex and involved lengthy surgery. Multiple operation is not uncommon.   It is not uncommon to expect scars in locations that would otherwise be undesirable.  If you do have silicone, or are having problem with silicone that was injected by a non-healthcare provider then you should certainly seek medical attention.  Some solutions include IV antibiotics, oral antibiotics and surgery after the inflammation has subsided.  Removing the silicone is not just a cosmetic issue but also an issue of better health.  Depending on the type of silicone injected concerns with autoimmune diseases and infections are foremost.  Taking medications such as ibuprofen or cortisone is only a temporary measure.  The real solution is surgery.  Not all plastic surgeons are willing to operate on patients who have had silicone injected in their body.  Many of these cases are not covered by insurance because they were performed for cosmetic reasons.  My recommendation to anyone that has had silicone injections and wishes to have it removed, is to seek a board certified plastic surgeon who is likely willing to do more than 1 operation as well as willing to do some of these operations in a hospital setting. I have had patients visit me for removal of silicone and the discussion to proceed is never an easy one.

Raj S. Ambay, MD
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Silicone injection prices- too high!

Silicone was a product that was being used for body injections and over the years many patients suffered terrible granulomas ( firmness) and even infections that were very unsightly. This happened sometimes years later after treatment. In addition, over filling can not be reversed without surgery to remove tissue infiltrated with the product. So if you are asking me what the price for silicone is, I would have to say the cost is too high for the potential complications that could develop.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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