How Much Its Cost Silicon Implant?

i am 19 old transexual from philippines.i got silicon injection 2 years ago.and i am worry about this after i research that silicon injection is danger.i want to scrapped out it and changed it in silicon implant!!!i know its expensive but i try to earn for this.for my much its cost silicon implant?

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Will vary based on the prior injection

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Most practices prices for breast augmentation are straight forward.  For example, for silicone implants placed below the muscle, our practice's fee is about 6k.  Your situation is a bit unique given your prior free liquid silicone injections.  I have taken care of quite of few patients with this problem and it's never easy.  Over time the silicone tends to cause granulomas (scar tissue) and that scar tissue is hard to remove - and even more so - hard to get out with a smooth contour.  Usually, all the tissue needs to be resected.  Since you a transexual, it might be a little easier, akin to treating gynecomastia and then performing the augmentation.  

I would think for you it might be better to stage your procedure.  First remove the silicone, and then once everything is well healed, perform the breast augmentation.  The total fee would likely be in the range of 10k or so.  I'm sure you could find more or less expensive alternatives, but remember, price is not the best indicator of a good outcome.  I hope this helps!  Best regards,

Dr. Kaufman

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