How Much Does It Cost for Each Session on a Small Tattoo?

I have a tattoo that is smaller than 2"x1". The colors used are black and pink. I would like to know what an estimate for one session of laser removal cost. I know that it will take multiple sessions to be removed, but I would rather not waste a Dr.'s time on a free consultation, if the cost is out of my reach. I know there is not a set cost for this procedure, but I would really appreciate having an idea of the charge. Please and Thank You!

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Guess ~$350 per session

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I would guess around $350 per session.  It will probably take at least 4 sessions, and possible more as pink is a difficult color to remove.

Beverly Hills Dermatologic Surgeon

Expense of removing a tattoo

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you might have to spend about $2,000 as ten or more monthly treatments are not unusual and each treatment, depending on the size, could be $200 to $400 or more.  Black ink is usually more easy to lighten than the pink.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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Cost of laser tattoo removal

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Cost can vary greatly for laser tattoo removal, but a small tattoo can often be treated  for $175-$250 per session.  As you stated, it often takes mutliple sessions to achieve the desired outcome (6-12). 

Alison Stallings, MD
Tarrytown Dermatologic Surgeon

Tattoo Removal Laser Costs

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Small tattoos can be treated for as little as $250 per treatment. Black ink usually can be eliminated; the pink color is sometimes more difficult depending on the type of laser used. Tattoo lasers can be from a ruby, alexandrite, or Nd-Yag source, and that will determine which colors can best be removed. If the doctor doesn’t have the particular laser needed for your specific colors, he may need to have one brought into his office which would increase that cost to you.

Russell W. H. Kridel, MD
Houston Facial Plastic Surgeon
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