Cost of Rosacea Treatment, in General?

How much can I expect to spend on the various types of rosacea treatment?

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I think initial treatment should not be too expensive since you can use some generics. I nearly always prescribe Oracea. I t is 40 mg. Doxycyclnie which acts as an anti-inflammatory agent. I take it myself, not because I have Rosacea, but to keep my skin appearing young. This does come in a generic as Periostat 20 mg. a day, so this is inexpensive. Metrogel and Finacea are both often prescribed for Rosacea. Frankly, I am not sure which one is better. Metrogel ( Metronidazole) does come in a generic version so the cost can not be too much. There aer good OTC products too for rosacea. Among those I like are Nicomide T gel, Eucerin Redness Relief, ReVale Skin and Aveeno Ultracalming cream. ReVale Skin is probably the most expensive of the bunch ( our charge being $72). So I think this gives you a sense of the cost of treating Rosacea, not including office visit fees.

Procedures such as IPL, might be needeed if the above measures fail and the cost of this runs between $80-200 a session depending on where you go for this teatment.

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