How Much Would It Cost to Get Rid of a Extra Cartilage in my Nose?

I know normal nose job costs, but how much would this be because there is no breaking of the nose. I wish to just have the extra cartilage removed? Just wanted to know since this is quite minor.

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Minor Rhinoplasty Cost

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     Sometimes what appears minor in rhinoplasty can be very difficult to correct.  Is the cartilage on your tip, your dorsum, your columella (thing hanging down from tip that divides nostrils), somewhere else?  If the cartilage is on your tip, and you would like the just a reduction in the size of the tip, this procedure can be performed under local, which may save you money.  I have heard of surgeons performing such procedures for about $5000 or so, but I have no idea what would be the cheapest price out there.

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