How Much Would It Cost to Remove Tattoos Using Picosure Laser?

I have three tattoos that I want despiratly gone, all tattooed within the last 2 years. I have one multi coloured bird on my stomach that has no black just colours, about 8 inches squared. I have about a 5 inches squared tattoo on my back that is mostly black ink and some green. And a smallish tattoo on my arm that is all black ink writting. How much and how long would these tattoos estimated to be completely out of my life!!! (:

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Picosure costs

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Hi! I can only give you an example of costs in my Practice. The largest tattoo would be $350 per treatment and the other two would be $110 per treatment and $35 per treatment.  Choosing the Picosure gives you the quickest removal, especially since you have colored tattoos. It has been incredibly effective on greens and blues whereas other current lasers on the market have been slow to treat those colors. It also clears blacks much faster. The number of treatments varies per tattoo but we are seeing most tattoos treated in half the treatments. 

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