How Much It Would Cost to Remove Mosquito Bite Scars and What is the Best Procedure to Remove Them? (photo)

Since I i already had these mosquito bite scars. I can't wear skirts, dress or shorts. I lost my confidence from all these scars. I'm just hoping there will be a procedure that can remove these scars that I have. So, I don't have to keep covering up and working about what to wear.

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Marks on the legs

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really most of these irregularities are increased pigmentation without loss of tissue; medically this is called residual post-inflamatory hyperpigmentation.  Most of what you have can be managed easily by a dermatologist to lighten the eliminate the majority of your marks over time.  You MUST be patient and consistent with the treatment which would consist of topical repairing and antiinflamatory creams and lotions.  Please remember to use insect repellents when outdoors to PREVENT future mishaps!

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