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Hi! I live near Louisville Ky and was wanting to have Botox for forehead wrinkles and I would also like to have a nonsurgical nose job and the procedure doctor oz mentioned about having Restalyne I believe it was under the eye for removal of under eye bags instead of having the surgery. I was wanting to know costs for my area and also if age is a factor I am 28.

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Here’s a link the average cost of Botox reported by our community members:

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Cost of Botox

Cost of Botox varies from each practice/physician and the area you live in. Seek a reputable medical provider who can provide you with the result you wish to achieve.

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Botox cost

In order to determine the cost of Botox injections,you need to get a consult from a qualified pyhsician injector. Usually, in order to treat the forehead wrinkles, you usually need to have some Botox injected between to brows to keep everything in balance.

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