How Much Would It Cost to Get Otoplasty Stiches Removed?

I had otoplasty done in South Florida while visiting my family down there and I like my results but the staff and doctor are rude and it's always a 3 hour wait in the office. The doctor told me he waits 3 weeks to take the stitches out but because he won't be in town due to "business" he won't be able to take them out until a month later and that leaving them in for 1 month will do no harm. Everyone seems to take them out in a week and it's a 22 hour drive from North Carolina :/

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Price for Otoplasty Suture Removal

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It is usually best to have continued follow up with your surgeon.  Even if he is not locally convenient, a phone follow up or Skype followup (if offered) can be useful to see if any further care is required.


Surgeons use two types of sutures to close behind the ear.  Most use absorbable sutures.  These sutures may be melted with hydrogen peroxide and so removal may not be necessary.  Non-absorbable sutures are less commonly to close the skin after otoplasty used and require removal.

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Cost to Get Otoplasty Stiches Removed

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Sorry to hear that you are no longer comfortable at your surgeon's office. Otoplasty stitches are generally in for no more than 1 week to 2 weeks. Pricing policies vary from office to office. However, it is generally $150 to $500.

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Otoplasty stitches, cost of taking them out, and timing

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Otoplasty stitches should not be in longer than 1-2 weeks. It is better for them to dissolve by 1 week. The cost will be variable and will depend on how much the doctor charges per hour. You really can just go to any doctor or nurse to remove them. It is not super difficult to do most of the time.

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