How Much Would It Cost Me to Get my Nose Done Shorter and Not As Pointy and Droopy on the End ?

here are some photos without smiling or make up

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Revision rhinoplasty cost

Dear Marie 2005

The cost range can be huge depending on who you choose as a surgeon and where you have the procedure done.  Typically the more experienced surgeons are more expensive. Also surgery done in a hospital is more expensive than office-based/ambulatory surgery

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Cost of revision rhinoplasty

It's hard to give a good cost estimate for revision rhinoplasty without examining your nose. There's a wide variation of costs depending on what needs to be done, including possible cartilage harvesting from the septum, ear or rib. Also, there's a wide range of fees among surgeons and facilities, including regional variations.

Visit with a few revision rhinoplasty experts to see what options you have; you'll be able to get price quotes at that time as well.

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