How Much Would It Cost to Get my Root Canals Taken out (2) and Invisalign?

I had 2 of my lower miles eventually brake in pieces. I have never been to the dentist so I know I may have a couple cavities too. And I would like to also go on Invisalign but I'm worry of all the cost. I now have anthem blue shield and blue cross health insurance but I don't make 40 nor 55k a year like most people, I want to know how much I am looking at so I can save money. I'm also only 22

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Invisalign treatment

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Your first priority should be to see a regular dentist to make sure your teeth are healthy, since they cannot be moved before all the cavities are completely taken care of.  There is no set fee for Invisalign or any orthodontic treatment. It varies based on complexity and the length of treatment needed. Most offices offer multiple payment plans, which make treatment more affordable for people.

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