How Much Would It Cost to Get my Nose Back to Its Natural State? (photo)

I didn't really mind my nose too much up until a few years ago after a few accidents. I had a very deep cut on the top of my nose after a skirmish with my friend. A little bit of bone grew on that spot and I now have scar there. Months later my roommate decided to kick a door open and I was standing on the other side. The door hit the bridge of my nose and some cartilidge grew making my hump even bigger. Due to the growth I also got stretch marks on the side of my nose.

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Surgery after Nasal Trauma

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First of all, you have to stop leading with your nose. That is the same advice I've given professional boxers who wanted to continue boxing after their rhinoplasty. The surgery will cost $7,000-10,000.

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Stretch marks on my nose

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I would love to see the stretch marks.  More likely they are scars from the door hitting you nose. I fix a lot of noses from accidents caused by roommates in the room.  Students also seem to fall out of be a lot; can't imagine why.  Our standard fee for a full rhinoplasty, what you need, is $6500.  The hospital and anesthesia will charge you an additional $1200 or so.  These are pretty standard fees for a rhinoplasty specialist in New England.  If you need to have some laser resurfacing or separate surgery for the "stretch marks" that would be additional probably, and probably done after the rhinoplasty under local anesthesia.  Happy to see you.

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