Micro Fat Transfer Cost?

What is the average cost of Micro fat transfer to breast via 4 areas of liposuction?

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Cost of Fat Transfer to Breast

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The cost of this procedure will vary from city to city, As with any "new" procedure you should seek to find a surgeon who has done several. Choosing the appropriate patient is most inportant, not every women is a candidate. Usually a women can go up one general cup size from a fat transfer. Cost should be fair to the patient and the surgeon, placing several hundred cc's of fat will take a couple of hours. The reason this takes this long has to do with transfering small amounts of fat at a time. If this process is hurried and fat is just shoved in in thick tunnels than the chance of the fat obtaining a new blood supply will be diminished. Cost should range from $5,000.00 to 12,000.00.

Cost of micro fat transfer

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I am confused by the question. Are you more interested in the areas of liposuction or the fat transfer. Fat is obtained with a certian volume in mind, Sufficient volume can be obtained from one site or 6 or more sites depending on your goals. The costs do not depend necessarily on the number of areas but are more a reflection of the time taken to perform the overall procedure.

What does Micro Fat Transfer to the breast cost?

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There are not a lot of surgeons doing this procedure yet. The cost of the procedure involves components of liposuction , fat processing, and re-injection of fat. In general expect the cost to be approximately twice the cost of regular breast augmentation with implants.

In my office the cost is calculated based on the number of areas being liposuctioned for harvesting fat. The cost is the same as that of liposuction to each area because I plan to harvest as much fat as I can from each area.

Do you need 4 areas of liposuction to get enough fat? If you are normal weight, this should provide more than enough fat. If you are slender, I would consider "bundling" areas that have little fat.

The final component cost is the processing and injecting of fat. This is the part where there is wide variation of technique among surgeons.

Do not be tempted by a price that seems very low. Anybody who is doing this seriously knows the staffing and time requirements to do the procedure correctly are costly. If the surgeon is confident of his methods, he should be confident of a permanent result.

See my link below on the subject of fat grafting.

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