Cost of Lipo/tt/fat Grafting to Breast and Butt? (photo)

How much would I be looking to spend if I wanted to get lipo done from my bra line,tummy,flanks & arms to have fat grafting transferred to my butt & breast along with a tummy tuck? I am 25 years old with 5 kids,I am looking to save up for this within the next 2 years .I need to know what I am looking to save up. If someone could please give me an idea based off my pictures I would love to hear from you. I have also tried exercise and dietary to lose as much but this is the where I am stuck at

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You should not undergo fat grafting and tummy tuck, even if it was free!

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God bless you for taking care of 5 kids while still trying to diet and exercise, and saving for what you hope will "restore" your body to some degree of pre-baby attractiveness. However, even if you won the lottery, had full-time help with your family, and could easily afford any surgery you desired, I would try to as gently and kindly as possible steer you from considering lipo, tummy tuck, and fat grafting to the breasts and buttocks. You would be at increased risk for complications because of your body mass index (BMI), not to mention likely poor results from each of these options.

Your tummy has not only loose skin, but considerable intra-abdominal fat (mesentery and omentum) that cannot be contained within a tightened abdominal cavity. Your muscle repair would either be inconsequential or "tear through," causing loss of correction and possibly hernias. You would still have a full round belly, just with less skin and a long wide scar (that might not heal well).

Flank and arm liposuction results would rely on the skill and conservatism of the plastic surgeon, but would only result in minimal improvement, and possibly with loose skin and surface irregularities (arms), and still-loose skin (bra line/flanks)--what I call "A long run for a short slide!" Meaning: it costs more than it's worth, especially if it gives you new problems--and that's only if everything goes well and heals perfectly!

Fat grafting to your breasts will potentially leave areas of scar fibrosis and/or calcifications from the fat that dies (some ALWAYS does, even with the most careful havest and transfer) that can interfere with breast cancer detection via mammogram. That, and your breasts look as if you might need a lift rather than volume fill. Droopy, dented, and irregularly firm breasts from agressive fat grafting would not be a good cosmetic result, and may be un-fixable.

Fat grafting to the buttocks can indeed work at enlarging this area, but will require atraumatic (low vacuum) harvesting, multiple sessions of careful tunnelling placement of your fat grafts, and a period of not damaging the grafts by sitting on them any more than absolutely necessary. But of course, you must use the restroom, sit at least for a portion of each day, etc. All the while compressing your grafts and killing a few of the marginal ones (increasing scar fibrosis, cellulite appearance, and/or calcifications, just as with the breasts).

Besides, your buttock area looks plenty full to me, especially if judicious and artistic liposuction/liposculpture around the buttocks (hips,lateral  thighs, subgluteal regions, inner thighs, sacral area) might serve to enhance the buttocks without actual need for grafting.

This is particularly true since what you really need is not to move fat from one or more areas to others, but to lose absolute fat volume.

I know you feel your body is at a plateau, and you are frustrated by your inability to diet and exercise your way to a better shape, but asking for cosmetic surgery (at any cost, even if it were "free") is the wrong "fix." You should be considering gastric bypass or lap band surgery to lose the extra weight and keep it off, following which you can undergo the appropriate skin tightening, breast lifting (plus augmentation if needed), and shaping operations by an ABPS-certified plastic surgeon. For photographs of one of my patients who dieted and exercised to a 450+ pound weight loss, click on the web reference link below. Either way you lose weight, that is what should be done, and then an experienced plastic surgeon can do his/her best work!

Beware the "cosmetic surgeon" who would give you what you ask for now, expecially if it's at a "bargain price!" A truly knowlegeable and caring ABPS-certified plastic surgeon should tell you what I have tried to do here. This is your best and safest and most long-term healthy choice. Please consider it. Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

Start with tummy , full back lipo and Butts

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I would say, split surgeries  for avoiding complications.  I recomend  have  tummy tuck, full back liposuction and
BBL. In Dominican Republic a board certified plastic surgeon should cahrge from 4,500 to 5,500  dollars.

Consider Circumferential Abdominoplasty first

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Thanks for your question and for posting your photos.  I recommend staged procedures for you as follows: start with a circumferential abdominoplasty (all the way around tummy tuck) to get rid of as much abdominal fat and skin as possible.  This will give you a jump start to start feeling good about yourself again and look better in your clothes and will motivate you to exercise more and eat healthier.  After that, have your BBL done and breast lift with fat grafting, or breast lift with implants.  Good luck and take care!

Fat grafting

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You cannot have both fat grrafting to the buttock and the breast and have an appreciable enlargement of both if they are done at the same time. The procedures need to be staged.

Norman Bakshandeh, MD, FACS
New York Plastic Surgeon

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