How Much Does It Cost in $AU to Lift a Slightly Droopy Nasal Tip?

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Rhinoplasty costs

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Hi there. The answer is the it depends on several factors. Surgeons charge differently. Whether it's cosmetic only or whether there's airway work to do and therefore a reconstructive side to it is important as it may mean you qualify for item numbers. In that event, if you had health cover would reduce cost. Here's a guide: and it's important to note that at a surgical consultation, all fees should be discussed with you. That's standard at most practices including ours. There is no obligation to proceed if you're unhappy. Firstly, you don't just have a drooping tip, you'll need a full rhinoplasty. This will take about 2.5 hours in the operating theatre. The costs are that of the surgeon - anything from 6 to 15 k as a guess. Sydney is generally expensive. The second cost is the anesthetist - around 2-3k would be common. The hospital costs would be for a day surgery bed and that time in theatre, around 4 - 5 k. So depending on the surgeon the range would be 12 to 23k total as a complete estimate. If you have legitimate item numbers which allow you to make a health fund claim and you have health cover, your out of pocket costs will be substantially less. Don't hold me to these figure, but they are typical ball park figures. If you see a surgeon or two for consultation, ensure you receive a detailed quote so you're well informed. Also ask about their policies for complication care and for revisional surgery in the unlikely event you need a touch up after. If they can't inform you about these, generally steer clear! Good luck, hope this is some help to you.

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