How much does it cost to get hair removed off the face?

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Laser Hair and Price

The price of laser hair depends on the area of the body.  Different areas of the body take longer periods of time and generally cost more.  Price in different areas of the country vary as well as the experience of the office/physician that is providing the procedure. I have seen many problems in spas or offices that do not have board certified physicians overseeing the laser procedure.

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Laser Hair Removal Pricing

Prices for laser hair removal vary greatly by region of the country and location of body treated. It is best to consult with a laser hair removal provider in your area to determine appropriate pricing. Typically, laser hair removal is priced as a package with multiple treatments. Keep in mind, it can take about 12 treatments to see full results. Also, make sure the provider is choosing the laser that is best for your skin and hair type. Best of luck!

Aurora Badia, DO
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