I have a broken nose and uneven nostrils. How much it would cost to fix this? (Photos)

Hello, my nose is not straight at all. I think i have broken my nose when i was 11, the front view is on an angle. The bridge of the nose is not straight and has some bumps on it. On the front tip of my nose i have one side bigger than the other which causes a line in the middle of the tip of the nose and creates a bump that dosent look too good. And my nostrils are uneven. I have one of my nostril closed up and the other nostril is wide open. I have a long bridge nose and it dosent look very good from a side angle and from the front of the nose looks big, how much would it cost to resize it and make it smaller ??? And could you recommend a experienced surgeon in sydney?

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Cost for resizing nose?

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   Reducing the nose and straightening the nose will improve the balance of your nose.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

Los Angeles, CA

Septo-Rhino costs

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It appears you would need not only a rhinoplasty, but also a septoplasty to straighten the nose. The prices vary. Do NOT shop the price, shop the doctor. This is a surgery that requires both experience and expertise and there is wide variation in surgeons abilities with this. Insist on seeing pre-post pictures of some of their patients. In my office, this would likely cost between $5500 - $6000 total for the septorhinoplasty.

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