How Much Will It Cost for a Dental Crown for my Rooth Canal Teeth? I'm from West Des Moine

My lower jaw teeth which had undergone Root Canal Surgery has been cracked in the top,I need a crown for it, I need to know the rough estimate for dental crowns in West des moines hospital.

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Cost of crowns can vary quite a bit.

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This cannot be answered without taking an x-ray and examining the tooth in question.  A crown is not something you grab from a shelf and put in the mouth. Bargain shopping is good for electronics or cars. You are getting the same product for less money by shopping around. Not true for dental work.

A "bargain" crown is usually not the same as a more costly one. Why? The care, skill, knowledge, and time the doctor spends with you. The more time the dentist has available to spend with you to do the crown, the better quality it will be. If the doctor is rushing and delegates many things to the assistants because he/she's soo busy doing many "bargain" crowns, then the quality will likely be lower. What is quality in a crown? Precision and fit, adaptation to adjacent teeth, contours, bite, color match. Also, the quality of the lab technician used and quality of materials such as base metal vs. high noble, or all porcelain.

Many times saving some money now for a cheaper crowns means spending more time and money and more dentistry in the long run to have it re-done properly.

Also, tooth may need a core build-up (foundation) or post prior to the crown. This is generally an additional cost.

If you want a range, in the USA it must be from $500 to $2000 for private practice.

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Miami Beach Dentist

Crowns for the teeth after endodontic treatment

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The price for the crown to cover the tooth after root-canal therapy can vary. It depends upon many factors, and 1st will be the fee schedule in your dentsist`s office. The fee for the crown differs upon what material is used: base metal, noble, high-noble, zirkonia, cerec. The last ones are the least recommended for the posterior teeth due to their poor strength and aesthetics. You should consult with your dentist about best option to restore your tooth.

How much does it cost for a dental crown for my root canal teeth?

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Many times you can avoid a dental crown after a root canal depending on how much tooth structure is remaining.  If a lot of tooth structure still exists a porcelain onlay can be bonded into the core of the tooth thus strengthening the remaining tooth structure.  If little to no tooth structure remains, a dental crown and possibly a dental post may be required for long term success.  Cost will range from dentist to dentist on how much something like that will cost.  Payment plans and financial incentives may be available if you ask your dentist.  Good luck.

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