How much does it cost for collagen injections under the eyes?

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Cost for injections

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As with many procedures, the cost depends on your individual needs and the doctor who treats you. The cost of collagen injections will depend on the amount of collagen needed and the type of collagen you choose, along with the type of doctor you see (dermatologist vs plastic surgeon) and even the city you live in. It’s best to choose a board certified doctor and meet with them to determine your needs and the potential cost.

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How much does it cost for collagen injections under the eyes?

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Thanks for your query. The cost of collagen injection depends upon the clinic and the city where you are getting it done. It also depends upon how much you require filling the tear troughs. It may roughly cost you somewhere between INR 20-25k. The exact price can be known after assessment by a dermatologist. Hope it helps.

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Collagen cost

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I would consult a board certified plastic surgeon in your area to discuss that cost. Every surgeon has different pricing.

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