Cost for Brow Lift?

Hello. I scheduled a lateral brow lift and revision rhinoplasty. I paid for both in full prior to surgery. The morning of surgery doc comes in and says a one sided lift would be best. So do I get refunded or a credit because a one sided lift was performed instead of a lateral lift? I've asked and have yet to receive a response. I am wondering if the question was rude. Thanks for any input.

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Cost for Brow Lift

it is a legitimate question, and the financial practices will vary among practices. Continue to explore this issue with your surgeon.

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Not rude to ask

You have a legitimate question that deserves to be answered.

There are a variety of different browlift techniques that can be used.

A direct browlift [incision above eyebrow] or temporal browlift [incision in temple] can be done unilaterally, in which case the work done will be half if its one only on one side. In this case it would be quite reasonable to have a reduced fee.

However, for pretrichial [hairline] or coronal [scalp] incisions, a truly unilateral procedure is not possible and the incision and brow release needs to be bilateral, even if an asymmetric lift is necessary. In this case, a reduction in fee may not be appropriate.

Discuss the surgical technique in detail with your surgeon so that he/she can address this issue. Nothing to be embarrassed about!


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Changes just before surgery

do need to be explained well to the patient.  I wonder why you were planning a bilateral browlift and what changed to make your surgeon revise the game plan.  Regardless, if your surgeon is reputable and he said he would give you a partial refund, I'm sure you can expect it but if not, you should mention this to your surgeon at your next appointment.

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Brow lift cost

You asked a good question. Surgical fees should be discussed and mutually agreed prior to your surgery. I think it's reasonable to ask to have your fees adjusted but every plastic surgery practice has it's own policy regarding fees. Unilateral browlift may not be easier than bilateral browlift because you have to balance the surgical side to make it even to the unoperated side. Sometimes, symmetry is harder to achieve when only one side is operated rather than both sides. I don't think it's rude to ask for the reason why procedure was changed.

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Unilateral Brow Lift

     A unilateral browlift probably should cost less than a bilateral browlift.  I am sure that the office will get back with you.

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Cost for browlift? Should a unilateral browlift cost less than bilateral?

I think your question was reasonable. As surgeons, we charge for the work that we perform and it typically relates to the time required. As a result, a one-sided browlift should take about half the time as a bilateral browlift. Obviously, it would have been ideal for your surgeon to discuss this with you prior to surgery but you might have only met with their assistant prior to surgery. Typically a browlift procedure will cost $3500-7000 depending upon your region and the experience level of your surgeon.

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