How much does it cost for both Brazilian Butt Lift and Breast Augmentation? (photo)

I am a single mother. I am a resident of Mesa, Az and I have been searching abroad for a good deal and a good plastic surgeon. What kind of deal can you give me for these two surgeries on the same day? I am also afraid to be awake during the procedure, is there an option to be asleep? I do not want breast implants i just want fat transfer. I have attached some photos of some women id like my body to look as close to as possible. I am 5'7 tall and about 160lbs.

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How much does it cost for both Brazilian Butt Lift and Breast Augmentation?

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The important thing is for you to find a certified plastic surgeon and see if the price is within your
 limits, but don't make the PRICE your main target. However, you can expect
 to spend up to 12,000 +++.

Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon
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Gluteal augmentation cost.

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The costs of an implant and fat grafting will vary from $12,000 and up. More likely, on the higher end.

Shahin Javaheri, MD
San Francisco Plastic Surgeon
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Combined Procedures

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This is too difficult to answer because every surgeon has very different fee schedules. Expect to spend up to 10,000 dollars for it all would be my guess but some may be cheaper and some may be more expensive.

Richard J. Brown, MD
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon
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Surgical tourism may get you more than you bargained for (or can afford)!

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There are plenty of excellent ABPS-certified plastic surgeons in the Phoenix metro area, and their prices are competitive with one another in most cases. You do not get a "better deal" with the lowest cost among these--you usually get the least skilled or least experienced plastic surgeon. Likewise, you don't get the "best" with the highest cost among these--you often get the biggest ego who (erroneously) thinks that prospective patients who can afford "the best" will seek them out simply based on price. You should be smarter than that.

If you decide to travel over the border for bargain plastic surgery, you can certainly do that. I understand the lure of a "good deal" is great, and there are many fine plastic surgeons in Mexico. But since none of our Mexican or US colleagues have received their perfection badges in the mail, there is ALWAYS the potential for complications or poor outcomes. Anywhere. Regardless of price paid. And probably more commonly with a "bargain Charlie" surgeon.

If that happens, to whom will you go for treatment, revisionary surgery, or correction of the problem or concern? (And, how will you pay for that?) You can't sue for damages in Mexico if something truly awful occurs, God forbid! Nobody here wants a lawsuit either, and in fact obtain proper training, ABPS-certification, and experience precisely to minimize the chances of that occurring. Part of the fee you pay is for those portions of your protection. There is a reason you don't have to pay for those in other non-USA locations.

Suppose you went to a plastic surgeon in Mesa and s/he offered to do your requested surgery for half-price IF you agreed that there would be absolutely no way s/he would have to complete your follow-up appointments, care for any complications, or ever be liable for any lawsuit, no matter what happened? Sound like a "deal?"

Then there is the issue of fat grafting for breast augmentation.

When fat grafting is done for breast augmentation, no surgeon can ensure that ALL of the grafted fat will survive. In fact, those that claim much more than about 50-60% are liars at worst, and exaggerating at best! Some fat ALWAYS dies, and the scar tissue and calcium deposits this dead fat causes can make mammography more difficult to detect cancers in their early stages, which show up like small dense scars or microcalcifications. To be fair, most radiologists will state that they can tell the difference between microcalcifications from dead fat grafts and microcalcifications from fat killed by cancer cells. I remain unconvinced that dead fat looks different from dead fat by another mechanism in all cases. Maybe SOME, but not all! Radiologist and pathologists have a saying:

"Rarely wrong, but never in doubt."

But that academic discussion is not really important either--it's YOUR life and possible delayed or missed diagnosis from breast cancer that could be obscured by elective fat graft breast augmentation. Since 11-12% of women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime, it's a pretty big bet someone is making with their patient's life when they put fat in a normal breast to enlarge it, rather than using implants below the muscle, which have been exhaustively proven to have NO influence on the development or mammographic detection of breast cancer.

BTW, I have absolutely no problem with fat grafting for buttock enlargement, facial volume, improvement after liposuction dents, or the like, and I believe fat grafting can be a fabulous way of reconstructing breasts or enlarging reconstructive flaps after mastectomy. But not in a normal breast that needs lifetime examination, mammography (until something better is developed), and hopefully early detection of the cancers over 11% of women WILL develop.

So, it's not that grafting fat is bad--in fact, it's great--just NOT IN A NORMAL BREAST for elective augmentation. We have a better and safer alternative--breast implants.

BTW, since the dead fat causing scar and calcifications is the cornerstone upon which I base my whole discussion above, there are surgeons who claim up to 100% fat graft "take," perhaps to sound like they are the "expert" in fat grafting, or perhaps to deflect the concerns about dead fat causing scar densities and microcalcifications. Most honest surgeons will tell you that no more than 50-60% or so of the grafted fat will survive; the survival percentage number gets higher the more the doctors think of themselves, or the more they want to "market" their "superiority" (just ask them!), or the more they want to avoid telling you that it takes more than one operation to yield any volume that survives long-term. No one really wants to explain to you that fat grafting for breast enlargement not only costs more, takes more time, and won't all survive, but that it also takes a second session! You can't simply inject hundreds of cc's of fat and expect it to all have adequate circulation and oxygenation. It takes tiny grafts surrounded by living tissue for the grafts to remain viable, and this takes lots of time, skill, placement expertise, and a lot of healthy recipient tissue to support all of the grafts. Oh wait, that's the reason we're grafting in the first place--the recipient areas (breasts) aren't very large; that's why the patient is asking for enlargement! So injecting larger volumes of fat looks good at first, right up until the dead fat cells start to be reabsorbed and carried away by your body. This takes time, and occurs slowly enough that the unscrupulous doctors usually have time to move on to other unsuspecting, hopeful, and perhaps gullible patients who feel that "natural" just HAS to be better than implants.

The best precaution is to avoid fat grafts to normal breasts, If you want enlargement, then by all means seek expert ABPS-certified plastic surgeons with extensive experience in breast augmentation. Fat grafting is not new, but it seems to be (unfortunately) undergoing a new wave of interest and presumed but not yet proven respectability. "It's all natural." This is as true as saying cancer is "natural."

Ain't so.

And I will continue to preach this right up until the lawsuits for "missed" breast cancers or "delayed cancer diagnoses" leading to untimely deaths finally expose this practice for what it is--potentially deadly and dangerous for women with normal breasts who have been deceived into thinking that fat grafts are natural and better than implants. BTW, I know implants aren't "perfect" either. But over 50 years of use have made them the most studied and safest medical products in the marketplace, and in the human body! IMPLANTS are the standard best practice. For more information about implants, you might want to click on the web reference link below.

Please, save up and stay here in the states for your breast implants and BBL. Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

Richard H. Tholen, MD, FACS
Minneapolis Plastic Surgeon
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Thank you for the question.

To best help you, a physical examination or picture evaluation is required in order to determine which procedures and techniques would be best for your case.

Dr. Campos

Jaime Campos Leon, MD
Mexico Plastic Surgeon
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How much does it cost for both Brazilian Butt Lift and Breast Augmentation?

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Best to have posted your own photos so we could see if you are a candidate... Fees start from $12, in MIAMI...for liposuction + fat grafts to both buttock and breasts....  

BBL and breast augmentation

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BBL and breast augmentation can be performed at the same time. The fees will vary from area to area and from surgeon to surgeon.  It is commonly performed under general anesthesia. Good luck.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Brazilian Butt Lift and Breast Augmentation

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Remember most surgeons in the states have $1,000,000/$3,000,000 malpractice insurance and Medicare Surgicenters have the same insurance coverage. Board Certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery demands a specific quality of training, passing a written test, and oral test for qualification.

The cost for the two surgeries ranges between surgeons and areas of the country. In my practice, the cost for both procedures is $7800 plus the cost of the implants. The total fee includes a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Board Certified Anesthesiologist, and a Medicare Approved Surgicenter. Silicone implants cost $2000/pair and Saline implants are $1000/pair

Hope this helps!

George C. Peck, Jr, MD
West Orange Plastic Surgeon
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Quality before Quantity...

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Thanks for your question. 

This is obviously a question that may have wide range of answers. The important thing is for you to find a certified plastic surgeon and see if the price is within your limits, but don't make the PRICE your main target. 

That combination (BA + BBA) is usually around $5.5k (more or less).

Wish you the best on your journey, 

Dr. Fernandez Goico

Luis A. Fernandez Goico, MD
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon
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How much does it cost for both Brazilian Butt Lift and Breast Augmentation?

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First of all you do not show a photo of yourself, but photos of your "dream image". Second, if you want a deal, you can see that you already got offers. You have to be careful about "deals" though. You are 5'7" tall and weigh 160lbs with a BMI of 25. You do not have enough fat (even without photos) to have an augmentation in the buttocks and breasts.Things to look for when you are evaluating prospective surgeons: 1. board certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, 2. the surgeon's expertise in these procedures. You will find that there's a huge variability in outcomes and complication rates. 3. Any surgeon who posts postop photos of less than 6 months or does not tell you how far out the patient is from surgery, I would avoid. Remember, you have one body and one chance to get this right. That is the best deal! A secondary correction, when a lot of fat was mishandled or you get too much scarring will always compromise the result, and that is a bad deal. Good luck in your search.

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