How Much Will It Cost to Fix Meliogenesis and Openbite Malocclusion?

My son has both. What would be an average cost to correct? We have just had his babies capped and crowned for 3200. base cost for service on sever anterior malocclusion, skeletal Class III and high angle skeletal pattern (ANB = 0°) and SN-GoMe = 48°. his maxillary dental midline with the face and mandibular midline was deviated 1mm to the left; the lower incisors were retroclined (IMPA = 71°). presents an 9-mm anterior open bite, constricted maxilla, and posterior crossbite.When smiling, presents 50% incisor display. 5.6 mm maxillary and 2.7 mm mandibular crowding and 3.6 mm maxillary Bolton excess

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