Cost of fillers?

Like most other medications, fillers such as Radiesse appear to be considerably cheaper if purchased from Canada. My doctor has quoted $1000 for the administration of 2 injections of Radiesse. I see that I can buy a syringe from a reputable pharmacy for about $180.00. I realized it takes skill to give the injections but this sounds like gouging to me. Your thoughts?

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Cost of Fillers On Line

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The quoted price you were given sounds very reasonable for a qualified injector.  There are 2 things you need to consider before thinking this price is gouging.  First, many of the pharmacies you see on line are not as "reputable" as you would assume.  Many of the products that are sent from these pharmacies are not what they say they are.  Even if it is, you're talking about a cost for the product of $360.  There are, however, other costs for the injection, such as other sterile supplies including blunt needles ($5-$10 apiece), the room, ancillary help, and ice packs, etc.  This leaves only a small margin to pay the physician for his time and experience with injections.  Secondly, there are many physicians doing injections.  Many have very little experience.  Many of these charge low rates in order to attract people so that they can gain the experience.  However, if I were having something done to my face I would want the most experienced person I could find to do it.  These physicians need to be paid for what they do since they can provide you the result you want with minimal product and minimal complications and problems.  Make sure whomever you use is an Expert Injector (

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Do Not Buy Radiesse Online

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Do not buy Radiesse online. No reputable board certified dermatologist will treat you with it. Radiesse is a great product used in experienced hands and should only be received by a board certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon. 

Steven Hacker, MD
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Cost of Fillers

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Hi Lowtide2,
Nowadays and more in the future, the cost of fillers may look high with a qualified injector, but remember, a qualified doctor is getting this products (fillers)  from authorized distributors of the manufacturing company itself so the fillers they use are guaranteed authentic. Lots of fraudulent products are available in the market and online at a shockingly low price, but keep in mind that you will be putting this in your body so it will be better to pay a slightly higher price for a real product and a skilled injector than save a small amount while risking your health. We don't know what these cheaper products are made from and we don't know how they will affect your body in the long run.

Somyos Kunachak, MD
Thailand Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Importing fillers from foreign pharmacies is illegal!

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First, it is 100% illegal for you to buy and import a product like Radiesse from another country. If you have ANY issue with it, you cannot know what the product was, as it is not the same as the ones approved here by the FDA and there is no one to call or follow-up with. The cost you are seeing online are for non-approved, non-FDA, possibly fraudulent products. And no reputable doctor will risk their license to inject anything into a patient that they didn't buy themselves direct from the U.S. distributing companies. It's illegal for you, and for the doctor. There is way more to the art of injecting than just the product itself. $180.00 is not the price we pay for Radiesse syringes in the U.S. from the legitimate distributors, so your physician's price for 2 syringes seems absolutely reasonable.

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Cost of fillers? #Radiesse

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Costs vary widely but products available 'online' may not have gone through the same degree of rigorous testing, may have been stored in less temperature-controlled facilities, etc.  They may also be fine - but most plastic surgeons stick to buying products from licensed, regulated companies that stand behind their products.  The prices you quoted actually sound low to me...sorry!

Dr. E

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