What is the Most Cost-effective Way to Make a Nose Smaller?

I feel that my nose is proportionally very large. What procedure would you suggest as the most cost effective way of making my nose "smaller" either narrowing my nose, or shaving off the bump or both? Thank you!

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Surgery to make the nose smaller

The projection of the nose is brought back by multiple different techniques. These include shaving down the bone and cartilage of the dorsal bridge and septum with some tip setback techniques. The overall effect is to decrease the nasal length and projection. Once a moderate amount of hump is removed from the nasal bridge, the sidewalls will have to be narrowed otherwise a square top open roof deformity will result. This is a full rhinoplasty procedure and the average cost in the Seattle area is approximately $6,000.00 which includes the operating room, anesthesia, and surgeon’s fee.

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Rhinoplasty Cost

I understand your concern regarding the proportion of your nose to the rest of your face and the cost associated with obtaining a result that will achieve what you desire.  That being said in order to get the best result there is rarely ever going to be a "cost-effective" treatment or a shortcut that will cost less than what is appropriate for that result.  This does not mean that you have to pay an exorbitantly high amount for your surgery to get the best result.  There are typically three components that make up the cost of surgery and these are the surgeon's fee, the operating room fee, and the anesthesia fee.  The cost for these fees are based on complexity and time.  In my practice in Atlanta, a simple to complex rhinoplasty is going to range from $5000 -  $8500 inclusive. 

When looking for a surgeon to perform your rhinoplasty, you should consult with one who is Board Certified (preferably in Otolaryngology and Facial Plastic Surgery), performs a high number of rhinoplasties as a percentage of their overall procedures, and has examples of before and after pictures for patients who had their surgery performed by them.  You should feel comfortable that you are making the right choice when you decide who will perform your surgery.

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Cost Effective Nasal Surgery for Rhinoplasty

The most cost effective nasal surgery, both in terms of financial, recovery, and time costs, is to simulate nasal surgery on the computer with your plastic surgeon.

It is relatively easy to simulate plastic surgery on the computer. Simple digital imaging software can provide before and after pictures of plastic surgery. Some surgeons simulate surgery with patients in-person, while some plastic surgeons recommend a followup appointment to review computer imaging.

Rhinoplasty is not one procedure, but many potential procedures. Each individual is unique. Speak with a nasal plastic surgeon to help determine appropriate options for you.

Houtan Chaboki, MD
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Makin a Nose Look Smaller

The most cost -effective way of making your nose look smaller is to carefully select an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon. Be careful and don't make decisions based solely on cost. If your surgery is not done well, revision surgery is far more expensive.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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A Large Nose CANNOT be made cosmetically smaller "NON-Surgically"

RE - "What procedure would you suggest as the most cost effective way of making my nose "smaller" either narrowing my nose, or shaving off the bump or both"

The role of a Nose Job / Rhinoplasty is to produce a more appealing nose. When people complain of a "large" nose they often refer to a large and or humped top of the nose (dorsum) with or without an ill-defined, large bulbous tip. Rhinoplasty consists of many different small procedures which are selected for each case as its needs dictate.  In the large  and especially humped dorsum, the dorsum is shaved down to the desired height and then the side walls are brought together by breaking in (in fracturing) the side bone attachments.

You need not worry what specific procedures would be involved in your case. You need to communicate to your plastic surgeon what changes you want done and let him advise you how this can be brought about.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
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Reduction rhinoplasty to make the nose appear smaller

If you have a prominent hump or bump which is making your nose appear larger than you would like, taking that down to create a straighter profile for a man or a slight concavity is typically what most rhinoplasty experts agree makes the nose appear smaller. Typically, the nose will have to be narrowed some at the same time or you will end up with a "flat top" or open roof appearance to the bridge of the nose so both procedures are done to the nose at the same time. In addition, if the tip of your nose is out of proportion then that area can also be addressed with the rhinoplasty procedure. These are general guidelines. I hope this information helps.

Scott Trimas, MD
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Most cost-effective way to make a nose smaller

There is NO cost effective way to do a rhinoplasty. It is an expense you must be willing to make. See 3 boarded Plastic Surgeons in your area.

From MIAMI Dr. B

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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Nasal surgery is not just a shave here, narrow there!

Nasal surgery - rhinoplasty - is one of the most complex and often poorly performed surgeries in plastic surgery.  The entire nasal structure must be put in proportion or you will get a very weird looking nose that doesn't fit your face.  Occasionally a patient may need just a tip rhinoplasty but these are few and far between.  If you have not been on a consultation I would suggest going to really understand what is involved in rhinoplasty and possibly have the doctor do some computer imaging either 2D or 3D to show you what they are trying to achieve. 

Cost effective could lead to much more expensive if a secondary rhinoplasty is needed.

Steven Schuster, MD, FACS
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Talk to a good rhinoplastic surgeon

You can pick you car as to cost effective -- if you dontl like your nose you want the best surgeon to deal with you. Cheap is cheap -- and often you get what you pay for.

William B. Rosenblatt, MD
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