Cost of a Cosmelan Treatment?

How much does Cosmelan cost, and do you need more than one treatment?

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Cost of Cosmelan

We've seen the cost of Cosmelan vary from approximately $500 - $1,000, but we've also seen that the service being sold is very different. The manufacturer's recommended protocol for Cosmelan involves two (2) in office masks, one for the full face and then another "touch up" to address areas that still have pigmentation approximately 1 month after the first mask. In addition, there is a Cosmelan II follow up product that is to be used at home.

Depending on whether the practitioner provides the second mask and the at home care product in the cost or not will affect the price. We have found that when both masks and the home care product are provided (as should be done for best results) that the price is on the higher side of the range quoted and when these things are not provided, it is the lower side of the range.

Make sure you are comparing apples to apples and that whoever is doing your procedure is taking before and after pictures and providing with a follow up visit to monitor progress. Too many of our patients have used this product at other facilities with disappointing results because they were not monitored for compliance, given a second mask, given the take home product, etc.

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