How Much Would It Cost to Close Size 3/4 Gauges in Both Ears in Las Vegas Nevada?

Closing gauges in las Vegas

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How Much Would It Cost to Close Size 3/4 Gauges in Both Ears in Las Vegas Nevada?

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Thank you for the question and pictures.  There are many good board-certified plastic surgeons in your area.  You should do your due diligence by checking with the American Board of Plastic Surgery.  Only by visiting the surgeon's website or office will you learn of his/her specific experience and skill. You will find that costs will vary from one practice to another (600.00 to 1000.00 in our office)
The  repair of the stretched ear lobe is a great procedure that can restore the ear lobe to a “normal” appearance".  Care must be taken during this procedure to avoid reducing the size of the air and/or creating a notch/ depressed appearance in the area of the rim of the ear lobe.   It is usually done under local anesthesia with very high patient satisfaction rates.
I hope this, and the attached link, helps.

Earlobe gauge repairs

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I do a lot of these repairs and try to keep my prices reasonable, understanding that many patients seeking this are trying to enlist in the armed forces. Shop around for cost and experience. I charge $300 to $400 per side and it takes less than an hour to perform. Some surgeons will try to make you think it is complicated and charge a lot for the procedure.

Cost of Closing Gauged Ear Lobes

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-The closure of gauged earlobes usually takes about an hour and can be performed in the office using a local anesthetic.

-Generally, the larger the gauged piercings, the longer the procedure may take. Closing a gauged ear lobe is technically more challenging than closing a simple split or torn ear lobe. Skin in both the vertical and horizontal directions often needs to be removed in order to give you a pleasing natural shape.

-Depending on where you live, the closure of both will likely cost between $600-$1,000 -

-Best of luck to you!

Cost will vary for earlobe repair, but anticipate around 1k for significant gauges...

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As the headline says, it may vary depending on the size of the gauges and the significance of the work involved in the repair.  Typically, this is done under local anesthesia.  I've closed some significant earlobes, and the larger the gauges and the more distorted the earlobe, the more challenging this can be to achieve an aesthetically pleasing contour to the earlobe which translates to more time and cost.  Seek out a board-certified surgeon to do the work, good luck!

Cost to repair gauged earlobes?

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It's impossible to know how much it would cost to repair two gauges earlobes in Las Vegas. However, a typical range is $500-1000 total for bilateral earlobe repair. Seek several consultation to find out exactly what your out of pocket cost would be. I hope this information is helpful.

Stephen Weber MD, FACS

Lone Tree Facial Plastic Surgeon

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