Cost of Chin Reduction Surgery? (photo)

I have been uncomfortable with my chin for years now. Sometimes I think it looks find, sometimes I think it looks too prominent and manly. What are your opinions on my chin? What is the average cost for chin reduction? Should I get my nose done as well?

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Facial balance

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I can see what you're referring to in your pictures.  While you don't have much of your nose in them, from what I can see, it appears that de-emphasizing both nose and chin would enhance your facial balance and provide greater harmony to your facial appearance.  A bony chin reduction can take place through a small incision inside your mouth, and entalls removing excess chin bone and re-shaping the soft-tissue.  Both this and nose surgery are routinely done together as outpatient surgery.  Chin surgery ranges from $3-6K, and a rhinoplasty can cost even more depending on what needs to be done.

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Chin and jaw reduction

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Thanks for the photos, but to get best recommendations, I suggest you have frontal, oblique, and full facial lateral views.  Your photos don't have enough brow and forehead to comment about your nose.  Cephalometric analysis can help to determine aesthetic balance.  We have always done skeletal shaping this way.  Specific to chin reduction, shaving of contours can be done as an outpatient under sedation or with general anesthesia with rough estimate of cost $4K.

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