Cost of Butt and Breast Augmentation in New Jersey?

I live in New Jersey and considering getting buttock augmentation and breast implants done. What's the cost of these procedures in my area?

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Cost of Buttock and Breast augmentation in New Jersey

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These procedures can involve a great number of variations ranging from types of implants as well as the extent of butttock augmetnation (implants versus fat grafting and/or lift). Given this, the cost may range from 8.000-25,000 USD or more.

Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Price tags don't tell the whole story

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The price for any surgical procedure is based on many factors. With breast augmentation, the price is affected by the type of incision (inframammary, axillary, aurelia, transumbilical) and the type of implant used: saline, silicone, texture, profile. I have seen procedures advertised in your area from $3500 to $10,000.

The procedure that I often perform is the no visible scar transumbilical breast augmentation with saline implants. This procedure is an endoscopic one using a small umbilical incision (belly-button) With this procedure there are no stitches placed on or around the breast. In the inframammary approach and others stitches are placed on the breast they require a week to heal before they are removed. This may lead to more down time for you. So instead of getting back to work a few days after surgery you may need to take a week off from work. This may cost you more money in the long term because you are away from work for a longer time. The results from the TUBA (transumbilical) procedure are very natural with minimal downtime.

So you see there is more to making a decision than just looking at a price.

Robert Vitolo, MD
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Breast implants and buttokc implants

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Implant surgery fees vary from place to place. While the average price for a breast augmentation in NYC varies from $6500-$10,000, so does the skill level of the surgeon. Sometimes shopping for the best price may get you into trouble. Find the best doc first then figure if that person is in your budget. Remember, the one offering the very low price may be doing so for a reason. Re-do surgery is often more pricey.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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