How Much Does It Cost to Get a Breast Implant Repair if I Have Had Them for over 30 Years?

I was told it is called capsulated. It is very hard and sometimes discomfort. It is also emotionally debilitating as I am aware of it 24 hours a day. I was also wondering if this procedure is covered under Alberta Health Care or if it is an out of pocket expense. Would you suggest to have the other other replaced at the same time because of the age of the implant? Thank you for your help.

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Here is a link the average costs of Breast Implant Revision in your area reported by our community members.

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30 Year Old Implants

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I would definitely recommend replacing both implants at the same time as they are 30 years old. I don't know Canada's Health care system, but it is unlikely that the procedure would be covered. Capsular contracture can happen to breast implants of any age. Though the expense will likely be out-of-pocket, it sounds like your sense of well being is at stake. Feeling comfortable in your body is worth the cost.

Management of Capsular Contracture is usually not covered by insurance

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Most often insurance plans do not cover the costs of surgery for management of capsular contracture, but it is definitely worth calling them to enquire.

Once you have decided to proceed with management of the problem implant, I would definitely replace them both- you would be unhappy if 6 months after surgery for the one you find out you now have a problem requiring surgery for the other, and at 30 years of age, it is very likely it is leaking as well.

Breast implant issue

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If you have had implants for 30 years and are having issues with them now, I am not sure if your insurance company will help you. You should contact them first. Often they will not.

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Replacement of implants and capsular contractures

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Capsular contracture is not covered by health insurance in the US. Costs vary by geographic area, the type of implant used and the operative time to correct the contracture. The decision of whether to exchange tube implant in the other breast is a personal one. Some patients opt to leave well enough alone and others to exchange both implants, especially if a change in size is desired.

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