Cosmoplast off the Market?

I heard that Cosmoplast collagen injection is being taken off the market, or already has? Why?

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That is news to me.

Cosmoplast has a long history initially developed by the Collagen Corporation as an alternative to Zyplast. It is human derived, whereas the latter is Bovine derived. The advantage was patients could undergo treatment the day of consultation without the need for a 4 week skin testing required for Zyplast.

Collagen Corporation was bought by McGhan, which was in turn taken over by Inamed, which recently was purchased by Allergan, the distributors of Botox.

I recently purchased some Cosmoplast as I use this for the G-shot (G-spot augmentation). I was not told anything about it being discontinued. Do you have a reference for this? I could not find anything on the Internet.

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