How to Dissolve Cosmoderm and Cosmoplast Faster?

I had Cosmoderm and Cosmoplast injected under my eyes as a Wrinkle filler. It looks lumpy and bumpy and even though it breaks down in 3 months, I want to have it dissolved or filled in to hide the uneven contour. Is there anything that can soften or dissolve it or increase its breakdown speed?

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Message and Exercise

If the lumpiness is from an allergic reaction you might return to your physician for judicious steroid injections, as long as the steroid is dilute and your physician is careful. In an allergic reaction there would be erythema (redness) and perhaps itching.

Otherwise you should message the area gently a few times a day. Exercise seems to also make collagen dissolve faster.

I am personally a big fan of Cosmoderm. The trick is to inject it in very small amounts.

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