Recommendations For Cosmetic Surgery For Cheeks/Jaw Line? (photo)

my face looks exactly same like first one but i want cheek and jawlines like second picture.please tell me that what can be done in this regard.

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It is best to have an in person consultation with a surgeon. They will be able to morph your pictures and talk to you about realistic goals and permanent results. Such options could include: facial implants and/or facial fillers. Jaw augmentation is very common and widely practiced in most facial plastic surgery offices. Again, without seeing an actual photo of your own face it is very hard to determine what you would need done.
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Recommendations For Cosmetic Surgery For Cheeks/Jaw Line?

  IMHO there are very specific guidelines for the aesthetics of facial beauty which differ from men to women.  Cheeks can be shaped with fillers (Perlane or Radiesse) or Cheek Implants.  I only use Radiesse to increase the angle, flare and prominence of the jaw as IMO jaw implants are too problematic.  Photos, of your face would of course be required for a more accurate evaluation.  Be sure your plastic and cosmetic surgeon undertsnads and follows the proper aesthetics of facial beauty for the creation of a ruggedly, masculine and handsome face.  

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Cheek and jawline results.

fI would need to see photos of your nose and jawline to tell you what YOU would look best with. This takes into consideration your entire head and bones.

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