Cosmetic Procedure to Produce Monolid?

I know this is a weird question, but I have a lot of fat above my eyelids. When I pull it down a little, it gives me monolids; it's so simple and I love the way it looks! I'm mixed with Asian, but I have regular double eyelids. Is their a way to keep the fat over the eyelids? Maybe with some kind of glue but I don't want it to be permanent, maybe just lasting for like, a month or two? I know it's not surgery, but is it possible?

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Restylane for upper eyelid

If you like the look of a full upper lid, I can inject Restylane to the upper eyelid to increase the fullness. The results would last about a year or if you wanted it out sooner, the Restylane can be removed at any time with an injection of a hyaluronidase.

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