What Cosmetic Procedure Would Be Best to Help my Face to Look Less Long and Thin?

I had a chin implant about 2 years ago and my profile looks much better but I feel that it added to the length of my face. It also dramatically changed my smile which I'm not happy about. The implant was placed intraorally and I'm considering having it removed. I would really like to have more definition and a "sculpted" look as my face is so long and narrow.

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Changing a Long and Thin Facial Appearance

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It would be necessary to see and image some pictures of your face to determine your treatment options. Chin implants do affect all of the dimensions of the chin besides just horizontal projection. They can cause undesired vertical chin lengthening in some patients and this affects the frontal view, the one that the patient most sees. Chin implants placed from inside the mouth can disrupt the superior attachment of the mentalis muscle, affecting how the lower lip may move or appear on smiling. I would get a thoughtful and careful facial analysis before proceeding with any further surgery (even chin implant removal) so you have a full understanding of facial treatment options and how they may effect the appearance of your face. Such procedures as a chin osteotomy can both bring it forward and shorten it. This change combined with jaw angle and cheek implants can both shorten and widen the long face.

How to Make Face Less Long and Thin

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I'm sorry but it is impossible to answer your question without pictures. There are many different approaches depending on your facial features.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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