What Can Cosmetic Dentristy Do to Help Buck Teeth?

What options offer relatively painless treatments?

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Correcting Buck Teeth

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Buck teeth usually are the result of  misalignment, crowding or jaw size relationship discrepancies.  The most common treatment for this is orthodontics.  Depending on the severity of the condition, traditional braces or an Invisalign type process can be viable options.  Although time consuming and somewhat expensive, the process is relatively painless. 

Cases of limited misalignment may be corrected with facial veneers or crowns.  Treatment time is significantly shorter than orthodontics but more invasive on tooth structure.  Local anesthetics can make this another painless option.

When jaw size and position discrepancies are fairly substantial, the only option may be invasive surgery to relocate the position of the jaws.  The surgery and associated healing time can be quite lengthy and uncomfortable but the end result amazing.

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