Cosmetic Dentristry Procedures for a Dwarf Tooth?

What are some options for resizing a smaller tooth from a birth defect?

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Peg / Dwarf tooth - Restoration options

What you are describing as a Dwarf tooth is called a Peg tooth which is commonly found on lateral upper incisors (aka Peg Lateral). Porcelain veneer  is a common and reliable option to make it look like a normal tooth.  If your daughter is young I would recommend you defer getting a porcelain veneer till she is around her late teens.  For most veneers a portion of the tooth needs to be shaved down to allow space for the porcelain.  When a tooth is young then the nerve tends to be very large and can easily be disturbed by the shaving down of the enamel.  If your daughter is also young than it would be ideal to wait till her growth is over since the teeth within the jaw bone might end up moving.  In the mean time if aesthetics is an issue you can always do a Resin/ Bonded restoration which is a more conservative but will not look as great as a porcelain veneer.  Once she is old enough it can be changed into a porcelain veneer.

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